Northern Ireland Experience

31 Mar

Our trip to Northern Ireland was by far one of the most interesting trips I had been on during my time in Ireland. I use the word interesting because the trip ranged from simple and normal activities to frightening and exciting activities. I really had to no idea what to expect from this trip because I was sick and I didn’t think the Galway trip could be topped up.

Starting from Belfast, I thought the views of the Protestant and Catholic men were very attention-grabbing. They seemed very passionate about their views on religion and I really like the history behind their stories. I was really surprised that the wall dividing both sides is still up because I imagined that they would both groups would get along by now but that would be the case in a perfect world I guess. The parliament was a great visit because it is such an official building and I learned about the history of the parliament and the ancient rooms that are inside the building. My favorite part of the parliament visit was the glass box with gifts from different people all around the world. The gift that caught my interest was the Tiffany’s box because what girl doesn’t like a Tiffany’s boxJ.

Next up is Carrick Island and the Rope Bridge, visiting the island was by far my favorite activity of the whole weekend. I really liked Carrick Island because it was challenging for me, challenging in the sense that I had to cross the rope bridge to get to the island. When I looked down at the bridge, my first thought was “that is such a short distance,” but as I got closer to the bridge I understood why the bridge was so significant. The bridge may have been a short distance but it was nerve racking for me. I was actually terrified of the bridge because when I was on the bridge the wind was blowing really hard and this made the bridge shake. The bridge was already unsteady and terrifying but with the wind, I was beyond scared. I tried hard not to look down which was hard to do, but regardless of my fear I was glad I experienced the bridge because it lead to the beautiful cliffs. After the Island, we went to the Giant Causeway which I liked because of the hexagon rocks.

Finally, I really liked our visit to Londonderry, mainly because of our amazing and hilarious tour guide. I really enjoyed his stories and his fascination of his city, his love for the city made the city an exciting place to tour. I believe that my experience at Londonderry was a great one because we had a guide who has lived in the city his whole life and has experienced the positive and negative times that the city had. Learning about Bloody Sunday was very touching for me and it gave me a new appreciation for to Ireland’s history.

-Esther Dada


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