National Museum

31 Mar

This past Friday I went to the Museum of Natural History in Ireland. It was a really interesting place to visit. I feel like I really learned a lot about the history of Ireland. The piece that caught my eye was the Lurgan Logboat. The Logboat is an extremely long, wooden canoe that was discovered by Patrick Coen in Galway in 1901. The boat was carved from a giant oak tree and is over 45 feet long. It is said to be the largest artifact on display in the National Museum of History. It took almost a month to bring the canoe from Lurgan bog to Milltown railway where the members of the town came to visit the boat before it was finally delivered to Dublin. The tree was carved into the canoe shape with just axes and fire. This must have taken these prehistoric men and women a lot of time considering how large and thick the canoe is. This artifact was one of the focal points at the museum, because it was so big. The boat is not specific to Irish culture, though several logboats have been found close to the shore of Ireland. I picked this artifact, because it was huge and interesting. it really caught my eye when I started walking around the museum. After researching about the boat itself, I really thought that it was incredible how the ancestors created this boat and spent so long on it.

Emily Jones


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