Kila listening to KÍLA

25 Mar

Before coming to Ireland I was aware there was a band called KÍLA. I think it’s cool to have the same name as a band, mostly because it’s a name you don’t come across often and I have no idea what my name means or where it comes from. So, when I was walking by the window at Whelan’s I saw a poster that said KÍLA was playing a gig, I immediately went home and bought a ticket. How cool is it to say that I went to see the band with my name in their hometown (the band are originally from Dublin), while I was studying in Dublin. It was even cooler that the Wednesday before the show we were discussing the topic of traditional music in Ireland in class. This class was really helpful because when I got to the show on Saturday night I could recognize and name two traditional Irish instruments; the Bodhrán (pronounced “bow-rawn”) a frame drum, and the Uileann Pipes, or “elbow” pipes. The band was formed in 1987 when the members met in an Irish language secondary school, and the lyrics to their songs are written in Irish. When I went to the concert I did not understand the lyrics, but that didn’t matter the music was amazing! KÍLA has incorporated many aspects of traditional Irish music and has mixed it with modern instruments and elements of world music to create a unique sound. Probably one of the most exciting aspects of the concert was the crowd, one of the band members mentioned that she was surprised to see so many young people, most of them in their 20’s at the concert. I think it’s really cool to see people my age interested in traditional Irish music and language especially since, as I have learned in the Irish Life and Culture class, that the number of people who actually speak Irish outside of school is declining. All in all it was a great concert and I would tell anyone that if you have the chance to see KÍLA perform, do it! You will not be disappointed!




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