Not all who wander, are lost.

24 Mar

During reading week, unlike most other students, I traveled throughout Ireland. Starting in Cork, then to Galway, Limerick, Kilarney, to Waterford, Wexford, then back home to Dublin. Throughout the week the weather was exceptionally crappy, but the couple of days we were in Killarney were the best of the whole 10 days. One day we biked for about 6 hours through the National Park, we biked up a huge hill to find a breathtaking view of the “mountain”. This is the home of the tallest mountain range in Ireland, called the McGillycuddy’s Reeks getting up to 3,280 feet in height. The whole park itself is about 106 square kilometers. We ended up riding through to the lower lake to the Ross Castle which was built in the 15th century, then up to the Muckross House. The Muckross House that we saw was the fourth house the successive generations of the Herbert family ad occupied, spanning to about 200 years. It was built in 1839 by a scottish architect William Burn, and was completed in 1843. The Herbert Family were from County Kerry and became wealthy in the early 18th century from copper mining, but became owners of the land in the late 1700’s. It’s successors, in 1899 were the Lord Ardilaun who was a unionist, and a member of the Guinness family. They were related to the Herbery family, but only through marriage. The last owners were in 1910, the Bourn Vincent Family, who in 1932 had the Bourn Vincent Memorial Park Bill put before Dáil Éireann requiring to maintain and manage the Park as a National Park for the enjoyment and recreation of the public, as said by We then traveled to the Torc Waterfall which was beautiful, then back to the city center of Killarney, where we napped for a couple hours. Couldn’t have asked for a better day though.


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