Home away from Home.

24 Mar

This being my home away from home these past months, I wanted to blog about the community in which I am living. My host family had two dogs, one was recently put down because of health complications, but when she was well, my host father Ciaran and I would take Suzie and Bonnie out for walks around Dundrum. One day we were walking through a cul du sac close to ours, where stood a castle looking thing. Most times Ciaran tells me lots of historical stories, and things happening in politics presently, on our walks but this one I found most interesting.

Dundrum comes from the Irish phase Dun Droma, that means Fort on the Ridge. The castle looking this we saw was the fort that gives Dundrum its name. It is the remains of the Dundrum Castle, and stands behind the Dundrum City Centre. Most of the land in that time was assigned to the family of Clahull after the conquest of the lands. Sir John de Clahull was the Marshall of the Lordship of Leinster at the time and was the owner of the castle. When he was succeeded, the lands were used for farming, and suffered raids from Irish enemies of the Crown with being so close to Dublin.

That was only a little bid of history, but I would have never noticed that the fort was so close to the house, or that it was the successor of wars and many lords back in the 14th Century, if it wasn’t for the walks we took with the dogs. It is the little things in life.


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