Theatre Workshop in Mullagh

8 Mar

In February, our group went to a small town known as Mullagh, Cavan, for a weekend. We went there in order to have a Theatre workshop, and due to the fact that our Irish Theatre classes in Dublin had mainly consisted on sitting down for two hours every week and attend to lectures only and also theatre plays, I was excited to get involved with Theatre in a more dynamic and physical manner.

When we got there, we were welcomed by very encouraging and friendly people who were going to guide us throughout the entire workshop. Most of them, if not all, were involved with Theatre as a hobby instead of doing it as a profession, so I really appreciated the fact that they were putting a lot of their time into teaching us about Theatre and making sure that we truly learned from the workshop while having fun at the same time.

We started the day by doing some warm-up exercises. We were walking around the building in different directions and speeds. After that, we were playing different dynamic exercises that were meant to teach us how get comfortable with the idea of improvising and fully engaging in acting. For example, there was a game in which one of us got selected as the King or Queen, and the rest of us, one by one, had to try to impress them in order to convince them to get into the kingdom. It was tough but it definitely served as a sort of ice breaker for the group, as we had to think fast in order to come up with something. We also did an exercise known as Fruitball, among other things, and a sort of a Riverdance Contest, in which we had to try to upstage everyone. It was very funny to see that and also to be part of that.

I believe that the ones in charge of the workshop were very impressed with our “theatrical abilities”. Especially after having to read scenes from a play and perform it in a very improvised manner in front of basically the entire town! Additionally, Carly and I got some footage from the workshop and from the trip itself, and we decided to put them all together and make a short film/ satire from it, by coming up with a script a the last minute. The link for the video is here below:

Overall, I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed this trip, and that I am really thankful to the ones that organized everything in it. Hope that the people in Mullagh have a nice memory of us, and that we made a nice impression in there.


Written by Belen Gimenez


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