Paris! Highlight of my reading week!

4 Mar

This reading week was by far one of the most enthralling weeks I have had in a very long time. A group of students and I decided to take a trip around Europe for reading week and the cities of our choice were Paris, Barcelona and Rome in that order. We planned our trip for 10 days, spending 3 days in Paris, 3 in Barcelona and 4 in Rome. Paris was my favorite city of all and that is what I will focus my blog post on.

Paris like everyone calls it is the city of love. It was also the most expensive city we visited, but for good reasons though. I really enjoyed being in Paris because there is much history in Paris. The first day, we walked to the Eiffel Tower and of course the view was magnificent, then we had lunch in a very small french restaurant, before finding our way to the hostel we stayed in. The hostel was nice and they had free WiFi, but the room was really small and crowded, it was a very uncomfortable transition from my single room and personal bathroom in Dublin.

Day 2 was a better day though, we went on a free guided walking tour with Connor from the Sandemans Company. Connor our tour guide was excellent at his job and he had so much passion for the city of Paris. He was very enthusiastic about his job as a tour guide and was very animated while telling us stories about Paris. He gave us a historical background at every tour stop and was happy to give tips on where to find cheap discounted boat tours in Paris and the best places to wine and dine for the duration of our stay in Paris. During our tour we saw the love lock bridge (we will probably be the last group to see this bridge, because they are taking it down), we also saw Musee du Louvre, The Pantheon, The Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmarte, Notre Dame, took pictures with the pyramids, just to name a few. We walked a lot on this faithful day and my pedometer counted over 30,000 steps which is about 14 miles of walking, Paris is clearly a big city.

Day 3 was just a day for us to relax, hangout and go souvenier shopping.

My visit to Paris is an unforgettable one and I look forward to going back in years to come.

Till next time,

Esther Dada


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