Reading Week

1 Mar

We were very excited to leave last Friday for our week away and thrilled we had the chance to take a cruise from Barcelona to explore the Mediterranean.  Our first stop was Marseille, and then Genoa, Rome, Palermo, and Tunisia. I enjoyed being able to see all the different cultures and I was very excited that you could buy a bottle of wine for 2 euro in Italy.

Unfortunately, the cruise wasn’t all it was cracked up to be when we met Italian locals who hated Americans and then having to go through a bumpy storm for about 24 hours. While going through what felt like a hurricane, us four girls had a great time just being together laughing and having fun, but we were very excited to get back to Ireland after our hectic week.

Sometimes traveling can be difficult, but it can teach you many things. We felt at ease when we arrived back to Ireland because we were more familiar with area (even though we wouldn’t have said that two months ago). It’s amazing how a culture grows on you and how quickly we can adjust to a new culture, in most circumstances.

The day after we got back from our trip, I had the pleasure of showing Dublin to a friend from the U.S. I was very excited that it was her first time in Ireland and I could teach her about Daniel O’Connell while standing in front of his statue on O’Connell Street, as well as, share what is going on currently in Irish politics regarding gay marriage laws, etc. I was most excited to teach her about the Book of Kells in the Trinity Library because she had never heard of it before.

All in all, the afternoon I spent with my friend made up for the difficulties of the previous week and gave me more appreciation for Ireland and the culture I am temporarily living in right now.

-Hannah Strong


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