A Break From A Break Of Reality

1 Mar

I would like to start out by saying that I have thoroughly confused a lot of people by using “reading week” and “spring break” interchangeably. Nonetheless, this long awaited break was finally here and my travel plans were a cruise in the Mediterranean with some of my favorite people.

I still don’t think any of us can believe that we were able to go on a trip like this, but the memories make it real.

Our ship was scheduled to leave from Barcelona at 6:00 pm on Friday. Paranoid as to not miss this departure, we left Ireland on a 6:00 am flight. This gave us time for the interesting experience that was lugging our one humongous suitcase several miles over cobblestones and a highway bridge to our ship.

We had our ship cards made were officially passengers of the MSC Splendida for the next week. We immediately went to our room and found that it was even nicer than we had expected. It was on the highest floor of rooms and had a balcony, which we took great advantage of.

There was never a dull moment on the ship and finding out all that it had to offer took the entire week since we were out and about during the day at our in Marseille, Genoa, Rome, Palermo, and Palma de Mallorca.

One of the best parts about the cruise was how culture rich the experience was. We interacted with people and languages from many different origins which was really fun. Making friends with some fellow American study abroad students was refreshing as well!

Coming back to Ireland was not as hard as I thought it would be after the cruise. I guess that I kind of missed my little home away from home that I have here.

Casey Finnell


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