Wandering through Irish History

28 Feb

During my time away from Dublin for one week, I was overwhelmed by the number of people I met who were envious of my time living in this historic Irish city. Their interest in this now urban setting, dating back to potential settlements from 140 AD, reminded me of that same excitement that I feel as I awaken in this city each morning.

One of the most spectacular aspects of Dublin is its history, and this cannot be seen more clearly in any one location more than the Glasnevin Cemetery. While visiting this site, I learned about Irish figures such as Daniel O’Connell, Charles Parnell, Éamon de Valera, Sean MacBride, and many more. From this tour, I came to realize that figures such as these represent the city and the Republic of Ireland, as they fought for the country’s independence and freedom over multiple centuries.

Daniel O’Connell is one such individual who represents the freedom of Ireland. As we discussed in class, O’Connell is known for his campaigning for Catholic Emancipation. His presence can be seen today through popular Dublin street name O’Connell. The other figures listed above are all well-known political figures, with Parnell being a huge parliamentary representative, Valera having led the introduction of the Constitution of Ireland, and MacBride acting as an active member of the IRA.

Having visited this site, I have come to appreciate the history of Ireland so much more. Cemeteries may be commonplace sites found in every town and city, yet this one holds so much history, as does all of Dublin and its surrounding areas. I cannot wait to explore even more, and find out more about Irish culture as I wander.


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