The Graveyard on Friday the 13th

28 Feb

Glasnevin cemetery was really interesting. I was really freaked out that it was so rainy and that it was friday the 13th, but there was a lot of history there. I was surprised to hear that the cemetery started with only nine acres of land but has grown to 124 acres. The penal laws restricted Catholic services therefore creating a problem for the Catholics when it came to burying their dead. Daniel O’Connell really got the ball rolling to prove that there was no law that prevented Catholics from burying their dead in a graveyard; Glasnevin Cemetery was opened in February of 1832. Daniel O’Connell is buried in the very front of the cemetery in a large tomb with Celtic paintings and engravings. The most interesting part of the tomb was learning that Daniel O’Connells heart was not left in him but cut out and buried in the Irish College in Rome. According to his friends, that is what he requested before he died. Unfortunately, when the heart was to be moved from that place to another, it was not found. After learning all about Daniel O’Connell and his life, we toured the rest of the well-known figures graves and heard some interesting stories about grave robbers. My favorite story was about a woman who was buried, but when grave robbers tried to steal her ring off of her finger they found her alive. She climbed out of her grave and went home to her husband. When she actually did die her tombstone said something to the effect that she died once and was buried twice. Although I didn’t think I would enjoy the cemetery, I was pleasantly surprised by the funny stories and interesting facts.

-Emily Jones


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