Less Morbid than I Expected

28 Feb

Upon setting foot into Glasnevin cemetery, I was struck with the many gravestones that had celtic crosses on them. The celtic crosses to me show a part of Irish culture that I still want to learn more about. It’s been around for so long and continues to be an integral part of Irish society. A fact I found particularly interesting is that while Ireland is pre-dominantly Catholic, this cemetery is non-denominational and therefore allows anybody who wishes to be buried there. Going into a cemetery that has more bodies under our feet than there are in Dublin today is an indescribable feeling. As the tour guide leaded us between the leaders of political parties and movements to the people who fought for the freedom of Ireland, the one thought going through my mind was the history behind these people in this cemetery has filled countless books. It’s amazing how old the sites of some of the graves are dating back into the 1800s. Daniel O’Connell lies under the tallest round tower in Ireland and is among one of the most well-known Irish man in history for his work in liberating the people from the penal laws. He is an inspiration to many and his legacy is everywhere you look in Ireland today. While I have no Irish ancenstry, it is fascinating how people can find where their ancestors are buried within the grounds. Ireland continues to amaze me in how much history is still prevalent in everything around us from the buildings that have withstood centuries to the street names I walk by everyday.

-Mucia Flores


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