The Indian Boy

19 Feb

Tonight, I went to Ireland’s National Theater, the Abbey Theater. We saw a retirement home version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Now, if this makes you imagine old people running around dressed up like fairies, you are quite accurate. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Admittedly, I have never actually seen or read this particular play or most of the plays from the man who gave the world my name. So it was a little hard to follow its early modern English dialogue at first but I got used it. My favorite character was the Indian boy (I’m not being racist, that’s the name of the character). When he was with the fairies, he never spoke, and he was happy to follow around the fairy queen. His character seemed insignificant but it was he that Oberon and Titania were fighting about in the first place! So most of the mess was because of him! At one point he did a handstand in the background; most people probably didn’t even see it. His smooth movement from ground to chair were complimented by his abrupt fall from said chair after. The competition for my favorite character grew tight when one of the old men came out dressed as a woman. Tighter yet when the moon (a man in an American astronaut suit with a lamp) explained his role (“I represent the moon”). But the Indian boy came out with jingle bells on his ankles and danced like a cartoon elf, he stole my heart once again.

-Jessica Mall


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