Weekend Out West

31 Jan

Last weekend we finally left the hustle and bustle of Dublin for the green countryside of Western Ireland. Driving through the rolling hills of Ireland was very refreshing after being in the city for a couple of weeks. When we arrived in Galway I was excited to walk around and explore the small city. The cobble stone streets and quaint shops gave the city a small town feel.  I enjoyed browsing through the stores and talking with the locals, who were very warm and welcoming people. As the first day in Western Ireland came to an end I was excited to get some rest so I could be energized for our next adventure: Inis Mor.

After a rocky ferry ride across the bay, we arrived at the beautiful Inis Mor. I could not believe how scenic the island was, and my pictures do not do the island justice. The tall cliffs, unique architecture, and rocky coastline are unlike anything I have ever seen before. The best part about the day was learning about all of the history the island holds. Our tour guide knew the ins and outs of the island, and he knew the answer to every question he was asked. I think the most interesting thing about Inis Mor is how well the culture is preserved. The residents of the island continue to be self-sufficient by living off the land, and living a simple life. On future visits to the island I predict that it will be just as beautiful and preserved.

The final day of our weekend out West was another incredible experience. Visiting the Cliffs of Moher was something I always wanted to do, and our visit did not disappoint. As I browsed through my photos on the way home I noticed that one of the cliffs looked like a face. When I finally got wifi I went online and found out that the face I saw actually has a story behind it. The face in the cliff is called the Hags Head. The Hags Head represents a woman named Mal, who chased the legendary warrior Cuchulainn because she was in love with him. Cuchulainn escaped her by hopping over the sea. It is said that Mal lost her footing and fell against the cliff, and she remains on the wall of the cliff, staring out to sea.

Arriving back in Dublin made me feel like I was coming back to my home away from home. Although we have been here for less than a month, I feel at home here. I am looking forward to see what the next couple of months here in Ireland will have in store.

-Sean Cronin

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