The First Look at “Ireland”

31 Jan

An Irish man I met said to me, “Galway is what you would expect Ireland to be”. When thinking of Ireland, the image that seems to be engraved in the minds of all tourists are the green rolling hills and stones set up along the historical island depicting the exact picture we all encounter in movies and books. This picture is exactly what you come to find driving into the west of Ireland and the Aran Islands. Arriving at Inishmore was an adventure all on its own as I stood on the top deck of the ferry ride hanging on for dear life as I was looking down at the rippling waves. The walk up to Dun Aengus was a cobblestone path surrounded by a wall of stone that separated the path from the green fields reinforcing the fact that I was indeed still in Ireland. Walking into the doorway of Dun Aengus was an experience I will never forget. Standing inside of a prehistoric fort, that was not only bigger than expected, but perched on the edge of the island giving me a spectacular view that beautiful afternoon. The history and sights surrounding me was overwhelming. As I took Donal’s place to sit upon the edge of the cliff within the fort, I could not help the adrenaline rush that came from sitting on the edge. The view that I saw was inspirational and as the weather was great, I was able to take a couple worthy pictures that I can keep with me for years to come. As we were driving back from Galway on our way to the Cliffs of Moher, the cows that were being herded through the street alongside the bus seemed to be just the cherry on top of a nice Irish getaway.

-Mucia Flores


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