The Folk of the Aran Islands

29 Jan

To get to the point, the Aran Islands blew my mind. Yes Inishmore was beautiful and the bus driver was quite funny, but it was the people, or more lack there of. The whole island inhabited about 800 people. My high school held over 1,600 in one small school a 100th of the size of the island. It also struck me how there was only one grocery store and these few and sparse shops, most of them being closed. The main aspect of this island to tourists is Inishmore with the intermingling of mountain and earth to break into a sudden cliff that gave way to one of the most beautiful views of the sea. As stunning as it was to look at, it made me think about how it represented the people of the island. I was wondering how they did it, one grocery store, not many restaurants or even a cinema. Peering from the top of the Inishmore into the ocean back and at the entire island, it was natural nothing forced it to be but its own course of fate. There is not much manmade to it or materialistic, but a simply astonishing and peaceful sight. The people of the island, I imagine them to be in their own peace like the Inishmore, not very materialistic, living a life that is much more relaxed and not dependent on the consumer world I come from. The more I thought about the island and it’s inhabitants, I came to think about the beauty found in their independent lifestyle. The bonds they must have with everyone on the island or even within their own homes and families, how strong those must be. I am not wonderstruck anymore, but appreciative of the life these people live on the Aran Islands and the allurement of their calm serenity.

-Grace Kollar

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