So many memories – Paul McCusker

11 Dec

Really cant believe that our time in Ireland is coming to an end. Feels like just yesterday I was looking out the plane window leaning over to Rockwood saying “wow this shits real”. I have learned no many things and been able to experience so many things since ive been over here and not one of them will go unremembered. At the start of the semester I began a video blog, basically to make memories for later of all the things that we did while we were over here. These videos are amazing reminders of all the great things that Ireland has had to offer and I will not forget one single thing.

I really want to touch on working in Ireland. Unlike most of the students who are studying here that are a select few of us who actually get to work in local Irish companies. I work for GeneFile, under the supervision of a man name Gerry. This has been one of the most culturally immersive parts of my time here in dublin. Walking into the office and having a twenty minute long discussion about how my days been or how my studies are going comes as a shock to a high paced New Englander. The laid back atmosphere of the office and Gerrys easy going attitude made the workplace something that became a stress free environment but also a place to learn a great deal about Irish culture. We refer to this as uncertainty avoidance, Americans cant deal with uncertainty, they need concrete ideas and a direction or they will struggle. Ireland has changed me I can now be less worried when plans change or something doesn’t go the way I thought it was going to.\

Otherwise, this is goodbye! I have enjoyed spending Wend evenings with the gang in Castle House and will always remember the great trips around Ireland. Also cant forget the singing!



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