Bog: The perfect place to hide a body?

7 Dec

Before coming to Ireland I didn’t know how big of a thing bogs were. Back home in the states, my uncle is a cranberry farmer, which is done on a bog, but that has been my only experience with them. FIE sent us to a farm our first weekend in Ireland where we had the opportunity to jump in a bog if wanted to. I didn’t and it is one of my bigger regrets since I’ve been abroad because I have learned so much about them since then, I wish I allowed myself to experience it. The national museum was extremely cool because of the bog people they found. The perfectly preserved bodies on display have a very eerie air about them and it is so hard to believe they are thousands of years old. I thought it was interesting how the men were all murdered, most of them being wealthy and in spots of power. None of the people in the museum were women or poor, which is interesting. Did people store bodies in bogs more frequently than the ones we have found? Did the people of the time dig up more bodies and these are the ones that were left?

I’ve also come across people dying in bogs in a few different occasions. The first was when we went to see Sive at the Abbey Theatre. At the end of the play, the girl Sive ended up committing suicide by throwing herself in the bog. If you were to ask me, that seems like an awful way to die. So slow and painful. That directly opposite of all of the bog men, they were murdered first, then hid in the bog, and they were all men of wealth while she was a poor girl. The second time I have come across bogs is with the book “Bog Child.” I picked this up from a friend as a possible book to have in my classroom when I’m a teacher, but it is about a boy who finds a girl dead in a bog in the time of the Troubles. I can’t wait to read it to see if it aligns more with the ancient bodies found who were sacrificed or more with the story of Sive.

-Grace McDavid


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