Soccer Game

28 Nov

Go U.S.A! students were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to the Ireland versus United States exhibition football match. As Northeastern students prepared their red white and blue garments and makeup, we knew we’d face some opposition. This was my first time watching a soccer match live so I had high expectations of what would happen and I was pleasantly surprised. On our way to the game, students wearing American flag pants were gawked at and some made snide remarks, but most were friendly and laughed along. In our seats with the whole group, the passion and excitement was palpable and made watching that much more fun.

During the game it was fun to see the cheers and excitement for the game that came from the Irishmen. There were people of all ages at the game and there was a huge turnout even though it was only an exhibition match on a cold weeknight. We quickly learned that if we cheered for America or got too excited at any point, we were quickly quieted by the “boo’s” coming from the Irish supporters. We were also made fun of due to the sheer quantity of us and how hopeful we were for a win. Although we lost the game really badly and seemed to have no chance of winning, it was a lot of fun seeing the US give it a try.

The students also quickly learned that flaunting our passion for the USA and our team could get us into some trouble. Children, no older than 11, were cursing and screaming at us, prepared to fight our students! All in all, it was a great experience being able to see my first soccer game in Ireland, supporting the USA while also quietly cheering for the Republic of Ireland.



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