Kissing the Stone

28 Nov

This past weekend some of my classmates and I traveled south of Dublin to the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland, Cork. Cork is in the south west of Ireland in the province of Munster. It is know for being the home of the Blarney Stone and many people argue that it is the best city in Ireland and should be the capital over Dublin.

At 8:30 on Saturday morning we all jumped on a bus and started to make our way down. 3 hours later we arrived in Blarney. Blarney is about a 15-minute drive outside the city of Cork. It is a quaint town that is home to the Blarney Castle and the Blarney stone. When we got off the bus, naturally, we ran off to kiss the stone and obtain the gift of gab.

I climbed the windy stairs up the castle with 4 of my friends to the top of the castle to kiss the stone while stopping to explore the many hidden rooms along the way. It was interesting to see and read about the medieval architecture and defense mechanisms that they used to deter unwanted visitors. Some things that they did to keep people away were use holes in the ceilings to poor boiling water and throw rocks at the invaders. It was fascinating to be able to see how much life has changed over the past centuries, and it made me think about my life today and all of the things that we are fortunate enough to have that people didn’t have back then.

This trip made me think about all the amazing things that I have been able to see and do during my time here in Ireland. It made me think about how fortunate I am to be able to have this experience. Most people will never get to walk the Cliffs of Moher, explore the Aryan Islands, hear first hand stories about the tragedies that took place in Northern Ireland during the troubles, and kiss the Blarney Stone. During the past four months in Ireland, I have faced some of he most amazing things and I am so incredibly grateful to have had this incredible opportunity.

-Katharine Brandow


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