A Very Dublin Christmas

26 Nov

Dublin at Christmas time is in a word, magical. The city is decorated with festive lights and people sporting Christmas jumpers. Grafton Street is filled to its capacity with people going to and from the Saint Stephen’s Green Christmas Market — my favorite part of the whole Christmas affair. The Christmas Market is a strip of food stands selling delicious burgers, chips, sausages, crêpes and hot drinks, as well as stands selling artisan goods. Everything about the market makes things more special than they normally would be — like a gift from Santa Claus. I venture there almost everyday, just to be a part the atmosphere and smell the aroma of constant cooking, but I usually end up buying the food. The other night, whilst eating a burger, I people watched and observed the many couples that walked by, as well as teenagers, like myself, that had just come from school. That’s the thing I love about Christmas, it brings all sorts of people together to celebrate. The other thing about the Christmas market is, you would never find any of those products anywhere else. The things being sold are always so weird, things such as, seaweed wraps and heated back pads. But that’s what makes the whole thing so interesting, you never know what you’ll find there. My favorite stand though (besides the food ones of course) would be one of the jewelry stands. All of the jewelry is handmade with intricate detail that features some sort of Celtic symbol, such as the triskelion. All the stands together, with the strands of lights that connect each one, is a beautiful sight, and I can promise you that you’ll find me there tomorrow.

Grafton Street

–Teresa Chappell


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