Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

20 Nov

Giants causeway 2

During our trip to Northern Ireland, we visited the Giant’s Causeway. The Giant’s Causeway is an area of rocks that was sculpted by a volcanic eruption. It is located in Country Antrim and is a World Heritage Site and a national nature reserve. This area is also a natural wonder of the United Kingdom. The Giant’s Causeway and site are owned by the National Trust and it is a huge tourist attraction for Northern Ireland. To¬†geologists, this place is a natural phenomenon caused by a volcanic eruption, but to the people of Ireland it was caused by a legendary giant. The legend goes that the stones are left over from a causeway that was built by a giant in Northern Ireland. The giant’s name was Finn MacCool and another Scottish giant named Benandonner challenged him to a fight. Finn agreed to fight Benandonner and built this causeway so that the two of them could battle. There are two versions to the rest of this story. The first version goes that Finn defeated Benandonner in a battle, but the second version says that Finn saw how big Benandonner was and hides from him disguised as a baby. When Benandonner sees this baby, he assumes Finn is the “baby’s” father and flees thinking that Finn must be a “giant among giants.” As Benandonner flees, he destroys the causeway behind him so that Finn may not follow him and fight him. This story may have been influenced because of the identical rock formations across the sea in Staffa, Scotland. We were able to walk across these rock formations and climb them across the shore. The Giant’s causeway is a huge tourist attraction and draws visitors from all around the world. It is truly a natural wonder and a beautiful phenomenon of Northern Ireland.

Clayton Franzoni

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