Ireland vs. USA Football Match

19 Nov

The place: Avivia Stadium. The date: 19th of November. The time: 19:75.

The United States football team made the journey across the pond to play the Irish National football team. As us arrogant Americans do, my friends and I dressed in head to toe red, white, and blue, in order to support the country we all originated from. After their success at the World Cup this past summer, we all thought that Americans were the obvious win. We sat three rows from the field, right in front of one of the corner kick spots. We proudly sang the National Anthem, not ashamed to be the few Americans in the large crowd of the Irish. But then, the game started. Throughout the entire game, the Irish National team knew what they were doing, having clean-cut passes, as well as being able to trick the Americans with the ball. The Irish kept possession of the ball for the majority of the game, especially #11 from Ireland, booking it like Usain Bolt on the field. Ten minutes into the game, the Irish scored their first (of many) goals. Us Americans started to slowly sink into our seats, me personally thinking that this was going to be a harsh game for us. However, a few minutes later, the USA did come back with a goal! We cheered, screamed, and trashed talked, thinking we still had the game in the bag. We cheered way to soon. The Americans ended up losing to the Irish, 4-1. While it was such an upset, I can’t even be mad about the loss, because the Irish played such a brilliant game. I had the best time at the Avivia Stadium, The atmosphere was amazing, with the mix of Americans and the Irish. The entire stadium all cheered as one for their team, having the same hand motions and tones of voices. We Americans tried to out do the Irish, but we simply could not. This time, the Irish won by a landslide.

Grace Mellor – (Blog post #3)


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