18 Nov

On our study trip to the North of Ireland I learned quite a lot about the split between the countries and how the people handled it. Learning about the troubles and how they are still echoed in today’s society during class and just by living in Ireland definitely helped prepare me for what I was going to see in Belfast and Londonderry. What happened to the Irish people during the troubles really sunk in and I was able to wrap my head around the tragedies a bit better during our study tour we just had. Before this program I am in now, I came to the UK and Ireland on an ambassador program in the summer of 2013. We went to The Republic of Ireland after touring the UK so it was a big change in money and culture and none of us really knew why. I don’t want to say that the program put us in a Pro-UK mindset but they didn’t explain the troubles that happened in Ireland thoroughly so we were all just confused. During discussions on the trip some thought, “why doesn’t Ireland just join the UK” and other things to the likes of that. After living in Dublin and going to DBS and really learning about what happened my mind set has definitely changed quite a bit. I am not Irish at all but I still have come to appreciate the pro-republic feeling so much more since really learning about it and experiencing it. When I went on my first trip here we spent more time in Northern Ireland learning about their point of view and everything so it was really nice to get a taste of the Republic. I am glad that things are becoming more civil between the two countries but it is still sad that the scars of what happened will never go away. It was just an eye-opening experience to really see the different viewpoints about what happened and how life is now on both fronts.

-Brianna Kempisty


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