The Fundamental Things Apply as Time goes By or a reaction to the history of Northern Ireland

2 Nov

One of the big problems with learning history is that it happens in the past. People tend to focus in the distant past, where the problems and troubles have been separated been time and generations. Growing up, I remember learning about dates like 1613, 1776, 1812, and 1850. Those events and the times they happened seemed like they happen on another planet, not another time. So it was shocking to hear dates like 1998 and 2006. In 1998, the only thing that mattered to me was Power Rangers and what was for dinner. Meanwhile, in another country, children are killing for their country. In the Free Derry Museum, there was a photo of a child wearing a gas mask and holding a can of petrol to be used for later bomb. That stuck with me. That child wouldn’t be much older than me right now, if he survived. Hearing the guides and their own memories of the violence that rocked Northern Ireland really meant something. They lived through an event that will forever remain in the history books, and we got to hear it without the desensitizing effect that the march of time can have. One of the qualities that America loves to associate with itself is youth; we love to remind ourselves that we were born out of European countries thousands of years old, and we, less than three-hundred. But we need to remember that history did not stop when we signed the Constitution. The world is a constantly changed organism, one that needs to be looked after so the children of tomorrow can grow up without a gas mask and petrol can.
Nick MarksonNothernIrelandChild


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