Aran Sweaters

31 Oct

In the beginning of October we had the privilege of exploring the beautiful coast of Western Ireland. We toured the great city of Galway, hopped on a ferry to the Aran Islands, and finished the trip with an exquisite view of the infamous Cliffs of Moher. ‘Breathtaking’, ‘mesmerizing’, and ‘majestic’ were among the many adjectives used to describe this adventure.

Upon my arrival in Galway I was instantly attracted to the authentic-like nature of the city. It perfectly emulated my previous idea of a typical Irish city. I also noted how drastically different it was to Dublin. There was a lot less diversity in Galway including both ethnically and commercially. I noticed a decrease in the number of ethnic food choices and an increase in the number of traditional Irish pubs and restaurants. I had a rather difficult time understanding the local Irish folk in Galway, as there accents seemed much stronger than those in Dublin. In addition, I also heard a good amount of people speaking Irish. I found this quite intriguing due to my recent knowledge that Irish is rarely spoken compared to English.

On day two, I, along with my fellow comrades, journeyed to the Aran Islands via ferry. In short, the Aran Islands were drop-dead gorgeous. I was fascinated by the colonial-like feel and simplicity of the islands. It was interesting observing an Irish country lifestyle as opposed to a big city lifestyle like Dublin. Less than 1,200 people live on the Islands collectively, but they remain as one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland. I decided to fully partake in that tourism and purchased my very first Aran sweater. It later came to my knowledge that Aran sweaters are world renowned for their wool and unique sewing patterns. Needless to say I’m sure to flaunt my sweater whenever I wear it.

Finally, we ended our adventure with visiting the Cliffs of Moher. Surprisingly, I didn’t fall over. The views were indescribable. It was both humbling and exciting getting to experience something so Iconic. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to end my trip.


-Evan Candler


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