The Beautiful West of Ireland

30 Oct

When people think of Ireland, they often picture an area with broken stonewalls, sheep, and cliffs. In Dublin, however, this is not true. Dublin is a city with large buildings and a lot of people in a hurry to get where they need to be. But going into Western Ireland, I saw something much more similar to the cliché vision of Ireland.
Initially, the Aran Islands were phenomenal, and the one we visited (Inishmore) captured what many would consider to be the typical Irish landscape. There were stonewalls everywhere. These stonewalls were built back in Medieval times. A family would start off with one large piece of land surrounded by a wall, but as the children married, they would get their own piece of land within the larger area, therefore dividing the land into even smaller sections and even more walls. These islands are also known for their wool, and the wool comes from all of the sheep. There were also amazing views from some of the cliffs on the island, and the only way you could look directly down was by lying on your stomach. As a person who suffers from acrophobia, this was a frightening feat, but I still did it. One of the other charming factors of this island was the lack of modernization. The island only got electricity within the past few decades. It’s a nice island to just get away from the fast-paced, modern society. The Aran Islands were phenomenal.
Another amazing site of Western Ireland are the Cliffs of Moher. These cliffs are known worldwide for their amazing views. At this site, there is also a fort used to look out and guard the island. I will never forget these sites and also the wind!
From the fields of Inishmore to the Cliffs of Moher, Western Ireland was the stereotypical idea of what Ireland looks like—beautiful.

~Liesl Chapin


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