A wonderful trip to the west

28 Oct

A few weeks ago we explored the west of Ireland seeing fascinating places like Galway, The Cliffs of Moher, and the Aran Islands.These places were wonderful in so many different ways. More than just the gorgeous landscape it was almost like seeing the real Ireland. I am not saying Dublin is any less Irish than Galway, but Galway was a very traditionally Irish town where Dublin has a wider variety of people giving it new cultures and tastes. Galway is not nearly as big as Dublin either so there is not as many people to create a variation in cultures. For being such a small scale city there was so much to see a do there doing both the night and day. Interesting street performers, cute little shops and boutiques and the ever so busy pub life. It was just interesting to see a different side of Ireland and the way that they do things. The Cliffs of Moher was another incredible experience; it is insane that Mother Nature was able to create something so beautiful. The cliffs stood so tall and strong, bearing each crash of the ocean. On this adventure we also got to see the Aran Islands, this was very interesting because of the people and how they live. What struck me was that many of the locals chose to speak Irish instead of English, that is a true appreciation for their roots. There wasn’t much to the island in stores or restaurants but it was not lacking in gorgeous scenery or culture. Overall this study tour to the west was a great experience that showed me a different side of this wonderful country.

-Brianna Kempisty

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