The Catwalk by Carly Hicks

25 Oct

While we were in Derry London Derry (If you are being politically correct) during the trip to the north, we took an awesome walking tour of the main city; or as our guide called it: My gorgeous city. The tour was awesome! The guide was very enthusiastic and dedicated to his city. While we were on the tour, we walked the wall surrounding the city center. The wall was beautiful and there was not a lot of people there, so perfect for our very large group. We learned so much on that tour but the one thing that stuck out to me to most was the promenade of men and women back in the olden times. What they would do is the lord would take his lady on the wall for a walk. He would have her place her hand on top of his and he would hold on to her pinky finger and this is how they would walk the wall. During these walks, there would be other men sitting around the wall and they would cat call to the women. So as they WALKed along the wall, these men would CAT call at the ladies. Hence the birth of the catwalk.

As a result of me learning this new bit of information, I decided that it would only be necessary to do my own rendition of a catwalk on the wall; you know, to truly feel like they did back in the day. So once the rest of the group got a little ways ahead, I unleashed my inner celebrity and strutted my stuff down the catwalk. And boy, let me tell you, did I feel like a superstar. No wonder the Lords and Ladies liked to walk there! Its the perfect place to do something like that. It was definitely a highlight of my trip.


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