The Peace Walls in Belfast

23 Oct

This past weekend we went to Northern Ireland and visited Belfast first. Something that really caught my eye in the city of Belfast were the peace walls and the murals on the walls. It was interesting that the people claimed they were experiencing peaceful times yet still had walls that divided them. It was really interesting that the gates were completely sealed from 7 pm to 7 am. Not even ambulances or police cars could get through, so someone could be bleeding to death and they’d have to go all the way around the wall just to get to a hospital, and that’s really inconvenient to the person who is bleeding to death. It’s sad that this city still has so much division, even though from what the tour guide said a lot of people actually get along, its only a few people that believe violence is the way to go about things. Another thing that interested me about the wall were the murals that were painted on them. I think it was cool that they have different depictions of other issues that plague the world, showing that they know what it is like to deal with strife and chaos. It’s interesting that the murals change and evolve over time, and its kind of symbolic that when a mural is gone, a new one is painted, showing that there are problems constantly developing all over the world. Hearing the tour guides speak with such passion was really inspiring, knowing that they’re lives have been strongly affected by what has happened in their country, because the violent outbursts are still in recent history and the wound is still healing on the country. I think that when the issues are fully resolved and violence is no longer seen as necessary by anyone, the walls can finally come down and Northern Ireland can move on from this disturbed past.

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