A Touch of History

23 Oct

The afternoon I spent in Irish National Museum was inspiring and memorable. Not because I was late for the group so I spent almost an hour searching for the location—but because the smell of miracles and history is so fascinating.

The museum is not a giant one, but is very well sectioned, and has been paid great attentions to details. The prehistoric life in Ireland was more interesting than I thought it would be—I have always been interested in art & treasury in ancient times. Those delicate patterns carved on stone or iron or gold, shows the intelligence of the people standing on the same spot thousands of years ago.

It`s always intriguing when you look at the timeline of civilization and found different parts of the world—though not quite “connected” to each other yet, were always taking, almost the same step at the same time. When iron was first forged in Anatolia about 1400 BC, the eastern world was also not far away from its first iron implement in China about 800 BC. The same is with Bronze Ware. Is it because of the geographical environment? We are all originated from rivers, but then the western world tended to focus on stock farming, while the eastern world, crop farming. Then why is the civilization process so similar? That`s something we can further investigate.

Beside the amazing art during Viking Ireland and Medieval Ireland times, the one section I spent the most time in is Kingship & Sacrifice. It might be a bit weird, but I was fascinated by the bog bodies… They are preserved so well, their nails are clean, their wrinkles are so real, it`s too hard to imagine that they are bodies from Iron Ages. Some parts of their bodies are mixed with nameless plants, and twisted like a piece of art. I always love sculpture, and sometimes make sculptures myself, this experience of watching thousands-year-old bodies greatly inspired me on the techniques of shaping human bodies.

A visit to museums is always interesting. When you`re face to face with the great men and women in history through their relic, when you get a glimpse of history, how can you get bored?

Xiyue(Diana) Lizhao

Oct. 23rd, 2014


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