The Ghosts in Derry–Madeline DiLullo

22 Oct

When we originally arrived in Derry, I was very unaware of the events that had happened in January 1972. Seeing the murals at the Bogside, I realized that these beautiful depictions were excruciating reminders of what had happened to those 14 people on Bloody Sunday. As our tour guide, Garvin, began to discuss the significance that these murals had on his own life, I realized that the massacre was more than just a crippling quake. This community had to grieve in its own way and it had to cope. The people affected by the Bloody Sunday massacre had all the cause in the world to be angry, yet Garvin could not have stressed his personal value in peace more vehemently. And Garvin was not the only one. The victim’s loved ones (like the museum owner) simply wanted awareness of the effects of political unrest. To me, it seems that the massacre permanently handicapped the people in Derry from any hopes of escaping the horror they saw and experienced in January 1972.The fact that it has been over 40 years later and just looking at the murals at the Bogside can have such a sobering effect really speaks lengths about how the citizens of Derry must feel about what happened.

However, there is hope still for peace and recovery in Derry. I think receiving the proper apology for the happenings on the day from the Ministry of Defense and getting an extensive inquiry about Bloody Sunday helped put some of the ghosts to rest. I completely agree with Garvin when he said that peace was the most important thing for all of mankind to strive for. Although this massacre gave the people every reason to lash out, they make it very clear that peace is the best way to cause the least amount of damage.

–Madeline DiLullo


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