I Thought This Was a Haunted Hayride –Teresa Chappell

21 Oct

We come out of the dark alleyway behind St. Audeon’s Church and are greeted by a gray coach bus. The air is cold, the wind is strong, and all I want is a cup of hot chocolate. When the rest of our group trickles in, we hear the tour guide announce; “Welcome to the Hellfire tour.” I was scared and excited; it had been a long time since I’ve been to a haunted house. Our tour guide begins to tell ghost stories about Dublin’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head, as well as other locations around us. I just figured he was getting us pumped for the hayride. As I was steeling myself to be jumped out at by people with masks, we arrived at a base of some sort of mountain. When we were all of the bus, our tour guide turned around and said, “all right, we’re gonna walk up to the top, but don’t worry we won’t go too fast.” I heard a chorus of “huh” and “what” go around the group, I guess we all missed the memo. As we quickly trekked up the mountain, the tour guide informed us with true stories of serial killers and the Hellfire Club. We finally reach the top of the Montpelier Hill where the infamous Hellfire Club resides. We creep into the abandoned building and stop in each room. The stories that he told were unreal; they were about demons, ghosts, murders, odd rituals, and Devil worshippers. These stories chilled me to the bone, and the fact that they all happened in history is even worse. Let’s just say, I’d much rather have gone on a haunted hayride.


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