Inis Mór

3 Oct

Taking four days this past week to visit the West of Ireland was a relieving break away from our busy schedules. My favourite part of the trip to the West was the time we spent at Inis Mór, one of the Aran Islands. The island has a population of 840 people and it was unlike anything I have ever seen. As our tour guide drove us around the island, I had a difficult time imagining what it would be like to live on the island. We stopped to visit Dun Aengus Fort, which translated means “fort of a king or chieftain”. As I walked the long path up to the fort, I was completely unaware that I was about to visit such an astounding place. I was amazed to see the beautiful wall of the fort on the edge of the cliff but what took my breath away were the waves crashing into the side of the cliff. I laid on my stomach at the cliff edge and stared down at the waves for at least 20 minutes just taking in the view. I have traveled to many places, but the view surrounding me was unlike anything I have previously seen, it was simply stunning. The deep aqua colour of the waves lightened as the waves crashed and a blanket of white foam covered the surface of the water. I spent close to 2 hours by the fort and when it was time to leave I was not ready to go. The trip to the island of Inis Mor was such a peaceful escape. I was in awe of the beauty of the Island and intrigued by the population who live there and their lifestyles. I will without a doubt travel back to Inis Mór if the opportunity arises in the future.

Claire Gerdes


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