Welcome to the West of Ireland.

2 Oct

This weekend we’ve got a chance to visit western Ireland. We had a chance to cross the entire Ireland from the eastern coast to the western. It took us only about three hours, but the more we moved to the west, more I noticed how diverse the Irish scenery is. We passed fields, forests, hills, lakes, seashore…  In the west all the fields are covered with fences made of stones. Thees small walls are lasting all over the place, and as our guide pointed out, are very old, and may have been there for a couple of centuries. The most interesting fact for me was that the stones in walls are just put on each other, but they are really stable. Also, if you buy a pice of land with these walls, you are not allowed to ruin it. On the second day of our trip we visited Cliffs of Moher. That was one of the most amazing views I have ever seen. I was just standing on the edge and enjoying the view on the ocean. The cliffs are actually pretty high (about 120 m), so I probably should done that. The next day we took a ferry to the Aran Islands.  The Aran Islands is an isolated community, but they have a lot of tourists visiting it. Our bus driver there was born on the Islands, so I could notice a dramatic difference in the language, though english is not my first language. Probably because people there are living isolated from the main land, their way of talking is different. On the Aran Island we visited an ancient fortress, it is about 800 years, if I am not mistaken. I was walking along the path towards the top of the hill, where the or tress is situated. It was fields again and stone walls again… But as I reached the fortress the sneery have changed from fields to cliffs and the ocean.  I was sitting on the edge, watching the waves under.

– Anna Drozdova.

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