Cost of Living in Dublin

1 Oct

Dublin, just like many other major cities around the world, is multi-cultural, energetic, friendly and prosperous. Throughout the past 40 days living in Dublin, I have found myself falling in love with city. It is now becoming a place where I can call my second home.

However, I have discovered a rather bothersome fact about Dublin. That is, the cost of living is quite high in the city. I still remember my very first taxi experience in Dublin: the high minimum fare (€4.3 for the first mile) crashed my joy of avoiding a 20-min walk in the rain. The rate is almost doubled comparing to the price in San Francisco, the city I live (€2.7 for the first mile). The friendly Irish taxi driver explained to me that the high taxi fare is related to gasoline price. Since Ireland is an island of its own and is dependent on oil imports from other countries, the oil price tends to be pretty high. Its current rate is at about €1.58 /litre, wherein San Francisco, the rate is €0.85/litre. When the price of gasoline is high, it costs more to transport goods such as food, daily necessities, etc. Hence, the prices of these consumer products stay high.

As an international student in Dublin, I find it quite hard to keep my spending under my budget. My wallet bleeds every time I pay my check at a restaurant or check out at the grocery store. According to Numbeo, the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, consumer prices in Dublin are 5.90% higher than in San Francisco. However, since Dublin is the capital of Ireland and leads most of the nation’s economic growth, I think it is understandable that it is attractive to tourists, investors and people who are looking for jobs. With more and more people moving in to the city, the cost of living, as a result, goes up.




-Carmen Chen (Wenjia)


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