My thoughts on Ireland

27 Sep

My thoughts on Ireland have changed quite a few times. Before I knew I was studying in Dublin, they were virtually nonexistent, being completely honest I never thought about traveling to Ireland, let alone studying here. Once I was given the opportunity to study here, naturally I jumped, and my mind was racing about everything, but as time passed I realized that I’d be isolated 3100 miles away from home so I started to research life in Ireland, particularly life in Dublin. Everyone that I talked to about coming here seemed to have the same opinion on Ireland. They said it was like no place else. Well, it’s been three weeks and I have to agree.

The Ireland that I have seen so far has been nothing but beautiful, friendly, and fun. From the urban jungle of Dublin in the east, to the wilderness of Kilarney in the southwest, to the breathtaking Wild Atlantic Way on the Dingle Peninsula there is so much more to Ireland than meets the eye. It is not hard to find, events like the recent Culture Night, it offered a tantalizing insight on Irish life and its culture for free. Exploring the city on Culture Night gave me a unique window into the Irish culture through an incredible opportunity to tour the Áras an Uachtaráin. On the tour we were pleasantly surprised when the president, Michael D. Higgins, interrupted our tour and briefly spoke to us, then disappeared. He was just as friendly and welcoming as any Irishmen I’ve met so far.

As I sit here at the corner of Dame and George’s St. I find my self often gazing into the streets. Watching the hustle and bustle of this great international city go by, it’s quite easy to lose track of time and its safe to say, I’m falling in love with this place.

Chris Siracusa


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