County Kerry lovin’

27 Sep

A couple weeks ago a few friends and I decided to be spontaneous and take a trip to Killarney in co. Kerry. Let’s just start out by saying it was a wonderful experience that I will not soon forget. Coming from the hustle and bustle of Dublin, being in Killarney was like a breath of fresh air. It was kind of a hike to get to, a little of 3 hours by train, but completely worth it. We ended up in Killarney, a decent sized yet quaint town. It had cute little hometown vibes all over, like flags for sports matches and tons of local events being advertised.

We started out our first day there by meandering through the Killarney National Park lakeside trail. It was quite a long trip but the view was excellent. Being surrounded by all of these rolling hills and a picturesque lake was amazing. There were tons of people, tourists or not, walking the trail that day as well because of the great, out of character weather. We ended that day with some dinner and an experience in what seemed to be a very traditional Irish pub with everyone of all ages singing and dancing. Killarney seemed like it had more participation and interaction from people of all age groups, while in Dublin it just seems like a younger, college oriented scene in a lot of the places that I have been. I really liked the change of pace and it was more fun to see nightlife here.

My little group and I ended our trip the next day with a tour of the Dingle Peninsula. We were told to do this tour over the Ring of Kerry, and I am quite confident we made the right decision. It was truly amazing. Driving along the cliffs and seeing the ancient history sights was all too real. It looked like what you picture Ireland to be from books or movies. Overall I am so glad we made time for this weekend excursion and I would recommend it to anyone!

-Brianna Kempisty


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