Leather Jackets

24 Sep

Walking into the museum my main interest or rather what I truly wanted to see were the bog people. Why you may ask? Well that is because I was intrigued to see people who had been suspended in time there bodies being preserved over thousands of years, and being so amazingly preserved for their age. I walked to the glass and looked in to find half of a body still preserved and my first thought was that this person, this once human being, looks exactly like a leather jacket that I own. It baffled me to think this was once a person with a life, a family, and friends he lived thousands of years ago and I know absolutely nothing about his life. Although all I could think is that he looks like my leather jacket back home, I compared a once living person to a piece of clothing. Everyone in my group was taking notes and pictures on the known information of this person and only one thought kept crossing my mind a leather jacket. I knew the second I saw this person. On the walk home I kept thinking about this person and what their life was like, constantly asking questions like were they a good person, did they have a family at the time they died, what age did they die at? A life thousands of years old yet there this person was in front of my eyes, dead for so long yet in a glass container in front of me because his grave seemed intriguing to people. Left alone for thousands of years then discovered in a bog, and put on display for people like myself to take a picture and move on with my day like nothing happened.

BY: Alex Castellanos


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