Holy Howth!

24 Sep

The day started just like any other day. We got up early, tired and not really ready for a long day. I was in the last group to leave Blackhall Place for Connelly Station for our train out to Howth. I really didn’t know what to expect from this weekend excursion, but I was looking forward it getting out of the city for at least few hours. Once we figured out the train system, we set in for the short journey to the seaside town. As soon as the doors opened at our stop, our noses were assaulted with the smell of fresh fish from the market and the salty air that accompanied it. Before long, we had started our trek up to the top of the large hill that stood atop the village. The ascent was gorgeous. The sea stretched as far as the eye could see, coupled with green grasses and trees lining the roads up to the top. We stopped to take pictures at every turn because each stop was more incredible than the last. Once we finally got to the top, we took in the fresh air and sights for as long as we could, but I left with a couple friends and some ISA’s to explore more of the island. It was an adventure to say the least. We started walking around the island, which seemed to stretch forever. We were a stone’s throw from the lighthouse on the other side of the island before we decided we should figure out how to get out of there. ISA Brandi and I found an overgrown trail which eventually led us to a road, which in turn led us to civilization. I can honestly say it was the best 10 mile hike around Ireland that I’ve ever done, but I’ve got some time to change that.

By: Daniel Miller


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