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24 Sep

The first time that I was told about a bog I remembered being slightly skeptical by what exactly was a bog. And when I found out later that we had to jump in one, I was extremely hesitant in plunging myself in a pile of mud. Nevertheless, once our group ventured to Causey Farm, I decided to experience this rare chance of jumping in a bog. The lady who led our activities at Causey Farm gave us more about the background information about the bogs and needless to say, I was quite enticed by the benefits and history of the bog.

Bogs are wetlands composed of a deposit of dead plant materials and were formed in Ireland over 10,000 years ago. Interestingly, bogs are very helpful in treating certain skin conditions such as eczema; many people from around the world come to Ireland to essentially bathe themselves in the bogs, and they have said that the bogs have cleared there skin immensely as opposed to the creams and medications they would get from a pharmacy. Bogs are also an excellent habitat for preserving artifacts. Bodies from thousands of years ago that are found in bogs are still kept in relatively decent conditions. I was surprised to see how well preserved the bodies were when I went to visit the National Museum of Ireland this past week. One of the bodies still had his hair intact and there were others whose hands and fingernails still looked perfectly preserved. This is primarily due to the cold, acidic, oxygen-free condition that persists beneath the bogs which prevents decay and preserves the human flesh.

After learning more about bogs since coming to Ireland, I do not regret jumping into one or getting the experience to see the preserved bodies in the National Museum.

Cindy Wang


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