A Town Like No Other (or how I staunchly refuse to just give a book report on the planned activities)

24 Sep

My Dad travels a lot for business, and he used to say that every major city was the same, and I always believed him. Now that I’ve been able to do some of my own travelling, I have thankfully busted that myth wide open. Every town was different, how the people move, how the city flows, the timing of the nights. Boston was vivacious, Philly was slow and stately, Sante Fe was rowdy and majestic. I haven’t quite got a lock on Dublin yet, but I can see that it too has it’s quirks and personalities. One thing that has struck me is how active the civilians are. The Bus system seems like a supplementary system in a town where literally everybody walks. Even on a Tuesday night the alleys of Temple Bar are full of Dubliners. Most cities in America have their stadiums on the outskirts of town or next to a busy highway system. Croke Park is in the middle of everything, right next to houses with a train leading right to the entrance. After visiting the Park I really got the impression that sports here are for everyone, they see it as an extension of their culture rather than a club for a select few. Causey Farms is another example. Causey Farms are a collection of fields and building on the outskirts of Dublin where citiers can discover some aspects of country life. While we were there, there were people of every kind imaginable. Old couple, young professional networks, middle-aged hen parties (that last one walked up slightly drunk as I was in my shorts washing of the bog mud). The people all over this city are full of energy and stories to share.  I look forward on continuing to discover this city and the layers of adventure it holds.

-Nick Markson


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