The Lurgan Logboat

23 Sep

While perusing through the Irish National Museum, I came across many different artifacts that I found unique to Irelands culture. One that I was fascinated by and was especially drawn to was The Lurgan Logboat. The Logboat is extremely long, made out of wood, painted black, looks as though it has been sanded but is still very rough in texture with various layers to it, has a slightly raised middle (as though it was especially crafted for the person sitting in the boat), and you can see the natural outlines of the tree that were originally there.

The Logboat was discovered in a bog, and I found this to be interesting as we were able to experience a bog first hand when many of us jumped into one at Causey farm. It is fascinating to know that the bog was able to preserve this boat for many decades, and when it was found it was still fully in tact. This Logboat provides a good representation of the time period that it was built in (The earlier Bronze Age) as it indicates how innovation was crucial in getting things done.

The museum did an excellent job explaining that the best way for people to communicate was along rivers. This boat was useful in trading and transporting various goods and foods. The oldest boat of this kind was built in 2500 BC, and the innovative level of this item is similar to that of other items of this time period in the museum. When comparing them they look similarly crafted as well as have the same higher level of craftsmanship behind them.  Not only are they simply carved from a log, but the person who worked on them took them to a higher level by making them more complex for this time period.

After researching this boat, another interesting aspect is the fact that it was made from a naturally occurring element. Because this log came from an all natural tree, it shows the difference in Ireland from when it was made through today. It shows climate change based on how the log was when it was cut down, compared to one that would be growing in Ireland today. Overall this aspect was the most interesting to me as it shows how the world has changed not only in innovation but also in terms of Ireland’s natural resources.  This can also help scientists be able to identify more about the time period, and what was going on from the era that this boat came from.

-Julia Lief

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