National Museum Excursion Michelle Rodriguez

23 Sep

I went to the National Museum on September 12. Once entering this museum I was in awe by  the architecture of the building. I thought to myself, that this awe inspiring building holds countless of pieces of Irish history, then that only means that the artifacts must be as awe inspiring. When I started to walk around I was not disappointed. There where a plethora of artifacts that I thoroughly enjoyed viewing as well as learning about them. There was one object that I particularly enjoyed. The artifact that I am referring to is the reconstruction of the tomb effigy of Margaret Butler, Countess of Ormond. This reconstruction was amazing. One could clearly see the details in the garment, from the pleats in the dress down to the embellishment of the belt that was tied around the mannequin’s waist. The gown was a eggplant purple color, while the belt and hat that accompanied it had silver accents to it. The time period that this reconstruction represents is around the 16th century. For this piece to be a reconstruction it still shows the historic context very well. The material of the dress and the accessory shows Margaret Butler’s high status in society.  Compared to the suit of armor from the same time period it stands true to what the upper class wore at this time period. Further researching about Margaret Butler, I’ve learned that she is the paternal grandmother to Anne Boleyn. Which to me shows how deeply rooted and tangled are Irish and English history. Overall, my trip to the museum was very enjoyable, and showed me artifacts that really bring life to the Irish history.


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