Family in Cork

23 Sep

My first two weeks in Dublin were an absolute blast. Meeting people from all over the world and partying every night, but it quickly grew old and it was time for me to trek down to Cork to visit my Irish relatives.

My relatives are never easy to understand as they have the fast talking Cork accent, you would think my Uncle Tadgh has a sock in his mouth, but in only I few hours I was able to pick it up. They took me out sailing, golfing, and I even enjoyed a pint of Murphy’s Irish Stout, but the real amusement was the history I learned and connections I made about my family.

I learned that Murphy is a Cork name and my ancestors were settled in Cork. I walked around my great uncles house and stared at the pictures on the wall. Pictures of family gatherings where I saw my grandparents at a young age, a picture of my dad in his 20’s which was strikingly similar to my current appearance. I learned about how my grandparents meet in their teens before they headed over to America in 1952. I learned my grandma grew up in a house of 13, were they would sleep 5 to a bed, lying sideways across the beds. I wonder how my great grandmother was able to cook for 13 everyday, lucky this family formed after the potato famine. My relatives did not have much trouble during the potato famine, as Cork lies right on the water.

Cork was a relaxing weekend away from the college atmosphere; I will definitely be back down for more home cooked meals, free drinks, and a nice bed to sleep in. Next time I’m down I will be sure to dig even more into my Irish roots. They also told me to tell everyone that Cork is the real capital of Ireland!


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