Killarney; the most beautiful place in Ireland – Elisabeth Till

22 Sep

This past weekend, some friends and I traveled to the southwest of Ireland to visit the town Killarney in County Kerry. I had heard that it was one of the most beautiful places in Ireland, so when asked if I wanted to go I jumped on the opportunity.

Traveling to Killarney was an experience in itself. We took the Irish Rail all the way down through Ireland. Because I have been in Dublin for the majority of the past few weeks, it was amazing to see how fast the scenery changed from city to rural farmland. Once we arrived in Killarney we walked through the town and saw an abundance of delightful shops and restaurants as we roamed in and out to explore. We later made our way to Killarney National Park. The weather was so beautiful while we walked to Ross Castle, which was built by O’Donoghue Mór in the 15th century and took many pictures along the way. Soon after we hopped on this big red bus and toured around the ring of Kerry. On this tour we were able to see the Muckross House and Gardens, Torc Waterfall, and O’Sullivan’s Cascade. All were extremely beautiful and we took even more pictures. For dinner we went to this very quaint restaurant that we passed on our way to the national park. I had the delicious spaghetti Bolognese and we got gelato for dessert.

On our second day, we went on another tour around the Dingle peninsula. We drove through a beautiful cascade of mountains and I gazed at the awe-inspiring sights presented to me. When I pictured coming to Ireland, this was the type of environment I really wanted to see. Our first stop was at the Inch beach, at which I immediately took my shoes off and dug my feet into the sand. I was so sad when we had to get back on the bus and continue the tour, but I soon recovered after seeing the view of the shoreline as we continued through the mountains. As we drove, we were able to see many beautiful views of the mountains and the shore. As the tour continued, the views continued to get better and better. Our last stop was the town of Dingle. It was a very small town, though it had a port with some shops and restaurants. Finally, we ended our trip with lunch at the Dingle Bay Hotel Bar, also known as Paudie’s. The atmosphere was very traditional, retaining good qualities of the past while also adding a modern feel. Also, they had the best fish and chips I’ve ever had in my life and I had my first Stonewell cider, which was of course delicious. It was the perfect ending to an already amazing trip.


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