“Bog to the Future” — Teresa Chappell

22 Sep

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit Causey Farm with the FIE group. And let me tell you, it was exactly what anyone would expect Ireland to be. Our tour guide was a friendly giant named D, with the most flawless man bun I have ever seen. There were herding dogs heeding his every order and cow poop caked on the bottom of his shoes. He taught us how to make artisan bread and how to play hurling, one of Ireland’s most traditional sports. D showcased his massive pigs and their not so little piglets, as well as the most precious puppies anyone has ever seen. He then led our tour to visit the milk cow, Daisy. Some of us were able to milk her, myself included. The experience was indescribable, I don’t think one can really explain just how weird a sensation milking is. Let’s just say, cows are very squishy. After the odd milking encounter, D escorted us to the famous bog; the substance that can preserve anything dropped inside. In a way, the bog preserved Ireland’s former culture of farm life as it moves forward as a modern country. Ireland has progressed greatly in recent years and was placed at number 11 on the UN 2014 Human Development Index, number 12 on the 2013 Where to be Born index, and number 1 on the Good Country Index. As anyone can see, Ireland has become a major competitor in the world, but they have not forgotten their roots. The day at Causey Farm was out of a storybook, and it was nice to know that even though it was in close proximity to Ireland’s largest city, it kept Ireland’s past alive.


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