Bog for the Blog -Taylor Kingery

22 Sep

On Saturday, the organization I came with and I visited Causey Farm. It was a quaint place, but with endless things for us to experience. From making bread to learning how to play Hurling, there wasn’t a moment left where I wasn’t faced with the opportunity to try something new. The best part, however, had to be the bog. Although only few people actually went into it, me excluded, the real fun had to be in watching those risk takers squirm to freedom. Bog’s are known to be able to preserve bodies for thousands of years, such as the finding of the Tollund Man. He was discovered in 1950 in a bog close to Bjældskovdal, but was alive around 500 B.C. When he was found they were able to tell how he died and even what his last dinner was. The reason i bring this up is because the Tollund Man came to mind as a french student ripped his clothes off in hopes of, how I saw it, becoming king of the bog. Pencil diving was deemed forbidden, but that didn’t stop him! He was then up to his waist in thick, bounding bog. He began squirming, trying to find anything to hold onto to help pull him out, but instead, it was pulling him further in. It was that moment the Tollund Man entered my mind. For I thought I was going to witness someone, sadly, get the opportunity to be preserved by this bog. Thankfully there are techniques to help in freeing the legs, and this king of the bog was able to live another day. Moral of this story: although very entertaining, never willingly get preserved by a bog just to show off for a small crowd.


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