16 Apr

Ryanair was life saver.  I couldn’t imagine coming to Dublin and not being able to travel and I am very thankful Ryanair offers all these cheap flights.  I traveled to over 10 different places and I found everyone to be nicer and cooler Dublin.  The places I was able to travel because of Ryanair was truly amazing.  The places I traveled because of Ryanair were London, France, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Zurich, Rome, Barcelona, and Lisbon.  I saw so much of Europe due to the fact that Ryanair is cheap and flies right out of Dublin, oh how lucky I am.  Those places I traveled were truly amazing, everything I saw from the Berlin Wall to the Coliseum in Rome was unreal to me, I couldn’t believe I was actually going and seeing all these places.  Ryanair flights are tough but for the price you can’t beat it and I would fly it in the states if it was that cheap.  I can’t wait to go home and show all my pictures to my family and friends, because I have so many from traveling all those places.  Being in Dublin and flying with Ryanair allowed me to see some of Europe that I would have never dreamed of and am grateful for everything I saw while I was over here.  Until next time. 


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