Northern Ireland Trip

16 Apr

I found the trip to Northern Ireland to be very informational and a great learning experience.  I knew briefly about the history, but didn’t know all of what had happened up there in the past.  The IRA was a lot bigger and worse than I imagined.  Driving through Belfast on the tour buses and hearing the stories from both sides made me realize how crazy it really is up here.  Each bus driver had the completely opposite story than the other one and yet fully believed in what he was telling us.  I was shocked to see how close they live to each other but how far apart their differences and views were.  I didn’t know the wall was going to be that high and that long.  It’s crazy to imagine a society to continue living like this in this day in age.  The gates closing at 7 pm each too.  That’s just stupid.  I get the whole Catholic and Protestant thing, but c’mon this is just stubbornness at this day in age. Its 2014 shake hands and move on.  You probably strongly disagree with me, but I think this is just one of the dumber things I’ve come across in my life.  I don’t know how I could possibly live in a place like Belfast, everyone is so sheltered and has no idea what the world is like.

Derry I found however to be really interesting with all the murals that we saw and the history behind it.  The walking tour was very nice as I enjoyed this and we had a really good tour guide teaching us all about.  I just don’t really care about all this stuff that has happened.  It didn’t affect me and I find it cool to hear about it but other than that its not that interesting to me.  Out of sight out of mind.  I did however enjoy the giant causeway, because we had free time to go on our own and see the cool rocks and what not.  Overall I thought it was a well put together trip, I’m just not into history that much.  


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